People In Japan Are Shaping And Polishing Aluminium Foil Balls Into Perfect Orbs

AMAZING MIRROR POLISH on an aluminum foil ball. People In Japan Are Turning Aluminum Foil Into Perfect Metal Balls And It's Immensely Satisfying. After posting pictures of the process, he sparked a nationwide trend centered around refining these metal leaves — and the results are beyond beautiful. People from all over the world are trying it and sharing photos of their perfectly polished metal balls.

3 Easy Steps To Make a Perfect Polished Aluminum Foil Ball. He told Buzzfeed News that he used a rubber hammer to shape a sphere of aluminum foil for about two hours, and went back to hammering again. His post received a lot of reactions and many were curious as to how an aluminum foil was changed to the point that it was unrecognizable.

I saw a few videos online that made these balls including the channel Outdoor Boys and I really wanted to do this silver foil ball challenge. The photos in the tweets above were originally taken by Twitter user Asu_Astell The user went viral in mid-March for turning aluminum foil into a glossy ball that looked like it was made of solid metal.

Aluminum foil used for things like packaging and cooking, is usually pretty boring. A video of a guy rolling a regular aluminum foil into a perfect metal ball has gone viral and people just cannot get over how perfect the orb looks. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it's safe to use small amounts of aluminum foil to "shield" certain areas of food to prevent overcooking in the microwave.

I like how Japanese fads are literally art while American fads tend to be incredibly stupid and oftentimes deadly. Starting out with a crumpled up ball of your everyday tinfoil, utilizing various methods involving mallets and polishing techniques, a perfectly smooth sphere is created out of the process.

The final result is a shiny ball that appears to have been cast from steel rather than aluminum. And as we explained in our comprehensive cooking tools post , aluminum foil is actually thinly pressed metal leaves in small pieces. Well, according to Twitter user Asu_Astell, the process is simple.

After puchuco709's post went viral — it currently has over 199,000 likes on Twitter — people in Japan started sharing their own versions of the project on social media, according to Bored Panda. If you've set your mind to something, you are bound to do it. Just like this simple DIY project somebody undertook in Japan which later became a trend.

Start making a ball from the Aluminum foil, once it become rounded start hammering it by the hammer to make it a sold ball. Thanks for showing your thought process, I'm trying to do the challenge but with a different shape (a blade) and as I failed I lost confidence, but with the stuff you showed in the video I gained determination to try it again.

Thin, wrinkled pieces of aluminum foil are unable to reflect the electromagnetic waves that microwaves generate and can ignite. The trend started with a Japanese jeweler, @puchuco709 , who used a 52-foot long foil, wrinkled it into a ball and started hammering the thing.

According to Twitter user @puchuco709 , they took a whole 16-metre (52-feet) long roll of aluminium foil and showed Foil Ball Challenge the process for producing the shiny orb. The trend involves rolling entire aluminum foil rolls into metal balls, then spending many hours pounding and polishing the item.

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